Лекуващ лекар: Д-р Нури

Patient is 68 years old. Clinical findings include: partially decalcified maxilla and mandible, existing teeth have chronic periodontitis, mobile, atrophy and bone loss in distal segments of maxilla and mandible. Impaired aesthetics, occlusion and function.The treatment plan includes: extraction of all teeth, placement of 11 BasalFix immediate basal and compressive (single-unit) dental implants in the maxilla, and 8 BasalFix immediate bicortical and compressive dental implants in the mandible, and prosthodontics, using GC aesthetic ceramic lasered. Colour B1. No need for sinus-lift and bone augmentation. Completely painless.

Treatment period: 6 days

Treating doctor: Dr Nuri


Treating doctor: Dr Nuri

1. After treatment with BasalFix Immediate Dental Implants and lasered GC Aesthetic Ceramic at Nurident.

2. Smile before starting treatment.

3. Panoramic x-ray before treatment.

4. Panoramic x-ray with BasalFix immediate dental implants placed and cemented laser constructions with lasered GC aesthetic ceramic.

5. Before treatment.

6. Complete makeover at Nurident Implant Center.