Лекуващ лекар: Д-р Нури

Patient is 61 years old. Clinical findings include: partially decalcified maxilla and mandible, the existing teeth have chronic periodontitis , mobile, with fracture of the clinical crown of teeth due to carious processes, there is atrophy and bone loss in the distal segments of the maxilla and mandible. Impaired aesthetics, occlusion and function.The treatment plan includes: extraction of all teeth, placement of 11 BasalFix immediate basal and compressive (single-unit) dental implants in the maxilla, and 8 BasalFix immediate bicortical dental implants in the mandible, and prosthetics using GC aesthetic ceramic lasered. Color A1. No need for sinus-lift and bone augmentation. Completely painless.

Treatment period: 6 days

Treating doctor: Dr Nuri

Treating doctor: Dr Nuri

  1. After treatment with BasalFix Immediate Dental Implants and lasered GC Aesthetic Ceramic at Nurident.

2. Prior to treatment.

3. Panoramic radiograph before treatment.

4. Panoramic radiograph with BasalFix immediate dental implants placed and cemented contructions lasered with GC aesthetic ceramic.

5. Cemented construction lasered with aesthetic ceramic GC (maxilla).

6. Cemented construction lasered with aesthetic ceramic GC (lower jaw).

7. Smile before treatment.

8. A complete makeover at Nurident Implant Center.