• Bendable abutment up to maximum 15°
  • Warning: Bend only the abutments of implants longer than 10 mm
  • Do not exceed the indicated bending angle, the implant might lose its mechanical strength

The implant surface of the Compressive Line is obtained through chemical etching, decontamination and Argon plasma cold treatment. Together they create a new surface with a high degree of cleanliness characterised by a homogeneous micro-porosity which increases the osteoblasts adhesion and favours the osteogenesis process. These factors are decisive in achieving a faster and safer osseointegration. Compressive line implants are indicated for the immediate loading technique, in situations with appropriate healthy bone. It is not necessary to engage the second cortex, since the primary stability is obtained thanks to the compression of the bone exerted by the implant.
– Colour coding: Green